6 Healthy Habits To Reduce Cholesterol

If you are among the people who have high cholesterol, you should use a series of measures to lower it and reduce the chances of developing heart disease. High levels of cholesterol can produce an accumulation of fatty deposits in blood vessels, these fat deposits cause constriction of blood flow that is transported through the arteries.

An important aspect to lower cholesterol is to make healthy changes in lifestyle. In addition to using prescription drugs, you can also practice some habits that are of great benefit to lower cholesterol. Although there are different effective methods in lowering cholesterol and heart problems, it is essential that you follow a healthy diet and a series of exercise routines so you can get cholesterol levels are within a normal range.

Healthy habits that help lower cholesterol

1. Reduce the amount of cholesterol in your diet. Begins to limit animal protein such as red meat, dairy products, and eggs, and try to increase lean proteins as chicken and fish. You can also include in your meals as vegetable protein replacement from animal sources, you can eat beans and legumes, as they are of great help to reduce cholesterol.

2. Increase the consumption of soluble fiber. Foods such as onions, carrots, beets, sweet potatoes, oats, soybeans, and barley, are a perfect source of soluble fiber. You can consume any of them at each meal, for example at breakfast you could eat some oatmeal with some fresh fruit; in a sweet potato lunch and dinner a cup of beans.

3. Implement a series of workouts. If you perform this activity with a healthy diet you will achieve lower high cholesterol levels. It is important that before you start doing some exercises, so check with your doctor so he can recommend a routine that is appropriate for you.

4. Avoid smoking as it causes the levels of good cholesterol decrease and increases the level of bad cholesterol. If you have the habit of smoking and eliminate your intake, you’ll prevent fat from building up in the arteries and reduce cholesterol.

5. Incorporates consumption of artichoke leaf extract in your diet. Some studies have shown that people who take this type of artichoke – based supplement for a period of 6 weeks have reduced 23% of the levels of low – density lipoprotein, ie bad cholesterol.

6. Try to maintain a healthy liver to metabolize correctly cholesterol. There are natural supplements and herbs that help maintain the proper functioning of the liver and help keep cholesterol levels healthy. You can also use stimulants such as water with lemon and vegetables such as bitter leaf, so you can contribute to the optimal functioning of the liver.

These 6 healthy habits can help you reduce your blood cholesterol levels, prevent coronary heart disease and maintain better health. You can go incorporating a habit a week so you can more easily adapt and start living healthily.

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